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Normal lab values mean you are alright with such values, however symptoms of diseases can be found with normal values of blood tests. Consult your doctor.
Scientifically, The acceptable measured values of blood components:
2-normal limits set based on measurements of averages of a survey of presumably healthy persons.

Normal TSH levels Chart

TSH normal ranges

Come here to know, what are normal TSH levels, safe TSH ranges, and what does Normal TSH level mean in your blood test? TSH is the Thyroid Stimulating Hormone, initial thyroid function marker. Factors cause normal shift in TSH reference ranges The normal reference ranges for TSH blood test levels go …

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    CBC normal values for pregnant 2nd trimester

    Normal allowed values in CBC test especially for pregnant female during the second trimester of gestation. Note that pregnancy course consists of three trimesters, each of which is 12 weeks which logically 3 months from the first day of LMP to the date of birth. Pregnant female has large physiological …

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      CBC normal values for pregnant 1st trimester

      Normal complete blood count values for a woman in first trimester pregnancy. The table values are according to universal guidelines. Follow up CBC test during pregnancy course help in detecting early anemia or other blood disorders and thus helps both the mother and fetus. First trimester means the first 3 …

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        CBC normal values for Adult Female

        What are the normal and healthy values for a mature female without a pregnancy? The reference ranges chart define the healthy limits of complete blood cells count for women. Values in this chart are considered safe for a women only if she’s no pregnancy episode. Estimating the normal limits of …

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          CBC normal values for Adult male

          Normal CBC test values that considered safe for age and sex of adult man.Limits are according to universal guidelines.CBC is a short for of “Complete Blood Count” which is a routine medical checkup test, CBC test show estimated counts of blood cells, CBC blood test useful for early detection of …

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            Normal CBC values for 12-18 years male

            Complete blood count reference ranges for teenager male 12 to 18 years old.All limits according to universal guidelines.Bone marrow near the age 20 become fully activated in truncal skeleton bones such as (sternum, pelvis, and vertebrae), and in the skull, and a little in proximal ends as humoral and femoral …

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              CBC normal values for children 6-12 years old

              Normal CBC test values for children under age 12, explain the limits which any child’s CBC must show a number from between, otherwise the counts considered abnormal and needed for a medical action, All values are standardized according to universal guidelines for complete blood cells count test. Unit Count HB …

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