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1-A test result that wrongly indicates the presence of a disease or other condition the test is designed to reveal.
2-A test result that erroneously assigns a patient to a specific diagnostic or reference group, due particularly to insufficiently exact methods of testing.
3-FP inaccurate investigative or diagnostic test response, giving a ‘yes’ response, where the correct response should be ‘no’; pathological conditions are misdiagnosed as being present

Negative RF Positive Anti-CCP Test, Rheumatoid or I am safe?

RF low accp high test result

Anti-CCP antibodies in the blood are the most specific proteins for Rheumatoid Arthritis, So that clinical decision cannot neglect positive anti-ccp results when diagnosing RA disease. Modern guidelines recommend for integration of Positive RF test and Positive Anti ccp test along with RA signs and symptoms to diagnose rheumatoid arthritis illness for …

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