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What tests should be done? great testing list

The complete list of all investigation tests categorized into profiles to help doctors and patients as well to easily investigate which disease or disorder they suffer from, combined testing profiles of blood sample and other specimens help better diagnosis and decrease the prognosis and wrong diagnosis. Common questions asked from …

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What does false positive and false negative means?

Sometimes analysis pregnancy test tape at home may you find an imaginary line illusion as positive with the appointment menstrual cycle has come and sometimes some tests give positive results in the original there is no positive real if re-analysis under different conditions, and likewise in the results negative, which …

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What does reference range means?

In the medical laboratory technicians and specialists used the term normal level or normal range in the blood to express standard values ​​that are found in healthy people. Imbalance in the normal level of the standard value of any material under analysis: comes from a defect in the human body …

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