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What tests should be done for STD diseases and AIDS?

Diagnostic tests for very contagious diseases and sexually transmitted diseases (STD) here is a small and valuable list of all medical tests used for investigating he presence of any contagious infection of sexually route diseases, feel free to post your questions about it. syphilis or RPR + VDRL tests for Syphilis …

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How to read and understand your lab test results?

Simple steps to read your blood works and understand lab test results for best diagnosis. Look at the first column normally entitled “Test.”Look at the next column entitled “Result.”Compare the corresponding test to the result value.Read the next column entitled “FLAG, L=Low, H=High.”Look at the next column entitled “Unit.”Look at …

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What tests should be done for newborn babies?

Medical examinations and tests to be carried out on pregnant mother during different months of pregnancy to make sure no inheritance infectious diseases.And some medical tests on the newborn child to make sure that he actually was born free of any disease in the glands or internal organs of the …

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