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Infertility tests

For men: Semen analysis, FSH, LH, Prolactin, Testosterone, Free testosterone, Bhcg, Inhibin, DNA fragmentation, Antisperm antibodies.
For women: FSH, LH, PRL, E2, TSH, Testosterone, DHEA, Progestrone.

What Does Progesterone Do in Your Body?

progesterone site of action

All functions of progesterone hormone and what does progesterone do in women body? What does progesterone do in menstrual cycle? Progesterone levels during the bleeding days stay baseline, and raise at the last week of menstrual cycle, if no gestation occurred the progesterone levels dropped due to drop in remnant …

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What does progression means in semen analysis?

Progression means in semen analysis: the velocity of major sperm count of an ejaculate of semen fluid, the normal progression percent of total sperm count is divided into three groups: First progression group: grade I or forward Progressive sperms: is the highest velocity sperms which can spend >5 micrometer per …

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